About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Kokku. We stand as a premier external developer for AAA/AA projects, boasting a strong presence with offices in Europe and LatAm.

Our essence

At the heart of Kokku is a burning passion for gaming and creation. As LATAM’s leading external development studio, we’re not just crafting games, but experiences that resonate. Every pixel, every concept, and every character we design is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and immersion

Our mission

Our mission is clear: Develop and empower People to deliver the best AAA Games. Through collaboration and expertise, we amplify visions, turning them into gaming masterpieces.

Our Strength

Behind every game Kokku co-develops is a team of dedicated professionals, the real heroes of our tales. A blend of technical maestros and creative geniuses, they are the backbone of our successes. Committed to excellence, they breathe life into every project, ensuring a shared journey of discovery and achievement.

Diversity & Inclusion

The No Less Rights program acts as our platform for protesting and addressing the daily challenges faced by minorities in society, reinforcing our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Kokku believes that a more inclusive present is essential for paving the way to a better future.

A Legacy in Games

Every new game, every new partner is a new adventure.

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Art Production

Art Production

Have a checklist of gaming tasks? We tackle them for you.

From creating characters, structures, weapons to environments, our team follows a step-by-step, task-driven process, delivering creative assets.

Your feedback guides each stage, ensuring everything aligns with your vision.



Expand your game development team with Kokku.

Our co-dev gaming studio meshes well with yours, enhancing communication and project flow.

Your leads connect directly with ours, forging a synergy that drives specific game or app modules towards completion.

Full Development

Full Development

Dreaming of a new game or a sequel?

Our multi-disciplined team dives into every aspect - from game design, level design, to engine optimization.

With Kokku, you get a full spectrum of game development expertise, ready to transform fresh or licensed IPs into captivating gaming experiences across multiple platforms.

Let's Talk

Ready to start a new journey with Kokku?

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Whether you have queries or ideas, our team is ready to listen. Reach out and let’s bring your gaming vision to life.