No Less Rights: Kokku’s Ongoing Commitment to Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality

International Women’s Month serves as a reminder to acknowledge and contemplate the ongoing struggle for gender equality. Despite advancements, the journey toward gender equality is far from complete, with women across the globe confronting systemic barriers and disparities in all walks of life.

Since 2022, Kokku’s “No Less Right” program has been fighting for women’s inclusion and empowerment within our organization. In the previous year, we increased our female hires by over 40%, thereby bringing the representation of women in our team to 26%.

Kokku has initiated a series of actions aimed at furthering the cause of women’s rights. These initiatives include awareness campaigns, affirmative job postings, financial education sessions, and the distribution of educational kits accompanied by books. Our goal is to democratize access to quality information and empower our employees to achieve their aspirations. We steadfastly believe that education is a vital instrument in the quest for a more equitable and just society.

However, it is imperative to understand that attaining gender equality is an enduring process that demands continuous effort and dedication. While progress can sometimes appear gradual, each step forward marks a moment in the quest for gender equality.

The “No Less Right” program transcends beyonds March. We are committed to extending our efforts throughout the year. Keep an eye on our social media channels to stay updated. We’re just getting started.