Understanding Immersive Reality: Creation on Roblox

During the BIG Festival session titled “Understanding Immersive Reality: Creation on Roblox,” several key points were discussed. Carlos Estigarribia, our Head of Business Development, along with Simone Dawson, Senior Program Manager at Roblox’s Developer Relations team, shared insightful comments about the emerging generation of platforms and audiences. Here’s a recap:

Roblox, according to Kokku, is more than just a game platform; the company sees it as a diverse, immersive, and strong marketing platform.

We identify two categories of opportunities: Intellectual Property (IPs) and Brands:

IPs are audiovisual intellectual properties coming from cinema, television, music, and other media that attract audiences to play these IPs through gaming and entertainment experiences. It’s an opportunity to bring the audience together and make the IPs through the years.

Brands are companies that are struggling to engage the audience, especially with the Z Generation, furthermore, they always need to find innovative ways to connect with their consumers. New platforms such as Roblox, are ready to be a solution to provide fun and gaming experiences, giving an immersive brand experience. Many brands are now using the Roblox platform mainly for product launches and exciting activities, but they can do much more in order to have a long term relationship with their audience.

To target a more mature audience, we believe in making games based on strong IPs and highlighting high-quality graphics and gameplay (AAA quality). This not only improves player monetization, but it also envisions the game as a location where companies may sponsor seasons or integrate product placements, resulting in higher revenue for both the IP owners and the brands.

Kokku is a pioneer in the development of Roblox games for brands and intellectual properties (IPs). The company has worked with well-known organizations such as Netflix (Stranger Things), Warner Brothers/DC (Wonder Woman), Samsung, and even Roblox itself at the Bloxy Awards event.

Furthermore, Kokku brings 12 years of expertise and quality in AAA games to consoles and PC to the world of Roblox. As a result, we’re creating games that Generation Z and even Millennials want to play on the platform, filling hitherto undiscovered voids.

If you’re interested to know more about New Generation of Platforms, you can also watch the entire talk here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ckf2Cs098mQ

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