Kokku and XDS Spark: Shaping the Future of Gaming Partnerships

Kokku and XDS Spark: Shaping the Future of Gaming Partnerships

Learn more about the partnership between Kokku and XDS Spark to enhance External Development collaborations in the gaming industry.

We celebrate being one of the initial Founding Sponsors for XDS Spark, and we support the development of this innovative B2B platform that establishes connections between External Developers on a global scale. This collaboration marks a significant moment in the gaming industry, bringing together Kokku, the largest External Developer in Latin America, with the transformative capabilities of XDS Spark to reinvent the partnership between Publishers, Developers, and External Partners. This initiative aims to provide a unique experience in the development of creative projects for the gaming industry.

Kokku takes pride in leading Latin America on this journey with XDS Spark, recognizing the exponential growth potential in the External Development market. According to the latest XDS report, over 59% of Publishers and Developers believe that offline industry events remain crucial as a key factor in finding new External Development Partners.

XDS Spark will be the perfect integration tool between Offline Events and an Online Networking Site for booking business meetings, bringing together industry-leading companies under the strong External Development brand of XDS. This is coupled with an excellent networking platform, consolidating everything in one place.

“As we enter brave new waters with XDS Spark, having Kokku as a founding sponsor is immensely important to deliver a platform experience that will enable critical business connections and hence elevate the practice of external development for creative industries.”

Chris Wren, XDS Spark Co-Founder

About the XDS Spark team

XDS Spark is a premium B2B platform connecting buyers with Service Providers, serving as the one true source for information supporting and advancing external development in creative industries. The XDS Spark team is continually expanding to ensure quality and distinctive features for the relationship between Publishers, Developers and their External Development Partners. In line with this, XDS Spark Co-Founders Sam Carlisle and Chris Wren announced the complete lineup of the XDS Spark Advisory Board.

Chris Edwards, CEO, THE THIRD FLOOR, Inc

Paul Lipson, SVP, Interactive Worldwide at Formosa Group

Andreea Enache, CRO at Amber

Philipp Wolf, CEO at swyvl

Find out more about XDS Spark here: https://xds-spark.com/