Explore the Unbounded Power of Latin American Gaming Innovation.

Kokku is an international standard of quality in AAA games and the leader in the market in Latin America. By introducing the best AAA games to the Latin America market with a pioneering mindset, we impacted the game industry. We have solidified our position as the main force behind the gaming scene in Latin America thanks to our crucial contribution to the industry’s expansion and worldwide contracts.

In the Latin American game production market, Kokku, a renowned co-development studio, has boldly established itself as the leader. We continuously shatter boundaries, setting new standards in inventiveness and originality. With an exceptional team of professionals, we proudly contributed to the creation of AAA games such as Horizon Forbidden West, Sniper, and Call of Duty.

The great praise we received highlights our unmatched technological proficiency, unmatched inventiveness, forward-thinking approach, and incredible ability to do excellent work on a global scale. We fascinate partners globally with our diverse portfolio of innovative products, providing a brilliant range of experiences that vary from AAA games to amazing virtual reality journeys for next-generation platforms and stunning mobile games.

One of the driving forces behind Kokku’s expansion is our resolute ambition to conquer the global market while nurturing and empowering our extraordinary team. We forged pivotal alliances within the Latin American game development ecosystem, propelling regional growth and leveraging international expertise. By collaborating with international studios, influential publishers, and industry giants, we embarked on joint ventures that propelled us to new heights. These collaborations played a decisive role in successfully launching amazing projects. 

As a result, the Latin American game production industry has ascended to unparalleled heights, fueled by the fusion of our capabilities and the fostering of collaborative environments. The Latin American gaming market projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% from 2021 to 2026, serves as a testament to the region’s thriving powerhouse status within the global industry. 

Our unwavering commitment to intercultural communication and fostering close working relationships with partners amplifies our relentless pursuit of industry development, while showcasing the immense power unleashed by our collective skills.

Harnessing the forefront of technological advancements, including virtual reality, Kokku passionately delivers unparalleled gaming experiences that exemplify Latin America’s unbounded potential as a global technology innovation powerhouse. Moreover, our commitment to remaining at the vanguard of technological breakthroughs ensures we captivate players with unparalleled gameplay, cementing our position as the unrivaled trailblazer within the industry.

Beyond our creative endeavors, Kokku is deeply ingrained in the Latin American gaming community, empowering the sector and expanding horizons for all. By championing diversity and inclusivity through initiatives that embrace underrepresented communities and provide professional development programs within our studio, we forge a path towards a more inclusive and thriving industry. 

These unwavering efforts underscore our resolute commitment to the long-term sustainability and unwavering viability of the Latin American video game entertainment production sector. As we strive to unlock and create opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, we fortify the industry’s success and fuel its perpetual expansion. Leveraging our Latin roots, we exploit advantages such as timezone compatibility and an exceptional pool of creative talent, thereby amplifying our global reach. Actively participating in events like the BIG Festival and forming strategic partnerships, including our collaboration with Abragames, Kokku has emerged as the unparalleled market leader in Latin America. 

These transformative collaborations not only cemented our reputation for delivering uncompromising excellence in co-development, art, and porting services but also served as the catalyst for positioning Latin America as an unrivaled powerhouse in the global gaming market.

Kokku’s journey within the Latin American game development industry magnifies the region’s immense potential and our unwavering commitment to unrivaled leadership. As we continually push the boundaries of creativity and drive technological advancements to unprecedented heights, we ignite inspiration among aspiring game developers throughout Latin America, propelling the region as an unparalleled hub for groundbreaking gaming innovation.